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Statusmeddelande Förklaring

Ditt snipe väntar på att bli placerat.


Ditt snipe blev placerat och du är för närvarande den högstbjudande. 

Du vann!

Ditt snipe blev placerat och du vann. 

Budet för lågt

Ditt snipe kunde inte placeras därför att ditt maxbud var under det nuvarande lägsta budet.

Bid Below Increment

Your snipe could not be placed because your maximum bid was below the next bid increment for the item. Read about eBay's bid increment rules here.


Ditt snipe blev placerat men du blev utbjuden av en annan budgivare.

Lägsta priset inte mött

Ditt snipe blev placerat och du är för närvarande den högstbjudande, men lägsta priset(reserve price) har inte blivt mött.

Inte i tid

We sent your snipe to eBay at your requested time, however eBay did not accept your bid until after the auction ended. This occurred because you set your lead time well below our recommended 7 seconds, or excessive internet traffic prevented your bid from going through in time. This problem is nearly always caused by eBay and is beyond our control, but we do all we can to lessen the chance of this happening. In fact we monitor eBay's response times and compensate automatically.  So rest assured that we are doing all we can and are giving you the highest chance of winning because of our automatic adjustments to compensate for eBay's current speed.

Ended Early

The item seller ended this auction early. This could be because there was an error in the auction, or the seller simply wanted to end the auction and sell to the current highest bidder. There is nothing we can do in this situation.

Ogiltig eBay-länk

Your Auction Sniper link to your eBay account is invalid or expired. Please update your eBay account link here.


Your snipe has been deleted.

Large Bid Restricted

Your snipe could not be place because your eBay account has not been verified for large bids. Read about eBay's large bid rules here.

Bid Group not placed

A bid on this item was not placed because there are items in your bid group that have not yet been resolved. To keep from winning more items than you have specified in your bidgroup, we will not place a new bid if we haven't resolved the won/lost status of a previous bid. If you have additional pending items in this bid group, we recommend you create a new bid group and move your current Ready Bid Group snipes into it as soon as possible. This applies only to the bid group this error occurred in: all other bid groups you may have are unaffected.

Blocked by seller

Your snipe could not be placed because the seller blocks specific groups of buyers. For example, if a seller doesn't ship to your country, he can block all bidders from that country.

Blockerad av eBay

Ditt bud blockerades av eBay med anledning av "eBay Trust & Safety error". Vi vet inte vad som orsakar att eBay blockerar bud på det här sättet, förutom att vi vet att det inte orsakas av att använda auktionssnickare. Ibland kan detta inträffa med nyare eBay-konton som inte har en etablerad post med eBay, men dessa typer av blockerade bud kan inträffa med något konto. Kontrollera att ditt eBay-konto är i gott skick utan några obetalda föremål i din kundvagn.

Ebay Requires Verification

Your snipe could not be placed because eBay requires further verification for your account. Often times this is in the form of providing a valid Credit Card to associate with your account.

Ebay Server Error

Your snipe could not be placed because eBay did not respond to our request. This was probably due to an error with one of their servers. See the description of 'Unknown Status' for more information about eBay server errors.

Ebay Not Responding

Your snipe could not be placed because eBay did not respond to our request. This was probably due to an error with one of their servers, or network congestion that caused the request to timeout. See the description of 'Unknown Status' for more information about Ebay server errors.

Ebay Buying Limit Reached

Ebay imposes a limit on the amount of items that can be bought or sold at one time by unverified users. We could not place your snipe because you have exceeded this limit. Please verify your account with eBay to increase this limit, or wait until some of the items you are currently bidding on have ended, before placing another snipe.

Not Preapproved

We could not place your bid because the seller required all bidders to be pre-approved to participate in this listing. The next time you choose to snipe a listing with a pre-approval requirement, you must contact the seller directly and ask to be added to the pre-approved list before the snipe is placed

Invalid Ebay Email

Your snipe could not be placed because your eBay email address is invalid and action must be taken before proceeding. Please either update or confirm your eBay email address before placing another snipe.

Security Key Blocked

We were unable to place your snipe because the PayPal Security Key you are using with your account is incompatible with sniping technology. The security key is designed to require a person to enter the number generated by the key which prevents any type of automation of the process. You will be unable to use a sniper service while you are using the PayPal Security Key.

Säljaren Köp Limit nådd

Din enkelbeckasin kunde inte göras eftersom du har nått gränsen för objekt som du kan köpa från en säljare under en viss tidsperiod.

Säljaren har blockerat anbudsgivare från din plats

Din enkelbeckasin kunde inte släppas ut på grund av att säljaren har blockerat budgivning på detta objekt från din plats.

Bannad av säljare

Din snipe kunde inte placeras eftersom säljaren av produkten har bestämt att du inte får bjuda på sina varor. Du kan kontakta säljaren via "Ask Seller Questions" -funktionen i ditt eBay-konto för mer information om varför de har förbjudit dig att bjuda på sina varor.

Ebay Kräver Kontoverifiering

Tyvärr kunde vi inte placera din enkelbeckasin; eBay krävs ytterligare kontoverifiering .

Okänd status

Ditt snipe kunde inte placeras p.g.a. ett fel hos eBays servrar. I händelse av detta kommer Auction Sniper fortsätta att bjuda åt dig upp till 15 gånger. Dessa typ av fel är inte vanliga, de är heller inte begränsade enbart till Auction Sniper. Även om ansvaret ligger hos eBay gör vi allt vad vi kan för att förhindra att det ska hända igen.


Ditt snipe kunde inte placeras därför att du redan är den högstbjudande.